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The Last Two Before the Tree

Ava DiFiore and the Soft Case

Okay, so, that never happened

Greetings from 1858

Go, Shorty. It's Your Bird Day.

The All Un-Compassing Guide to Fatherhood

Lost in the Yucatan, right at home

Cottage cheese roots, custard dreams

The Oatmeal of Madness

After the Dance

The Road to Right Now

Slipping the Ballroom

Coffee, Coping, and Compensation

A Mad Man in the Cornfield

The Travel Writer Blues

The Human Experience: Rolling out, rolling on

Follow-up: Trials, Tribulations, and Tryouts

The Human Experience: Trials, Tribulations, and Tryouts

The Human Experience: 53 and me.

Notes from Away: Seeing the beach from six stories up

Off course, in the rough.

A Note from Back-ish

Notes from Away: A Comedy of Airrors

Notes from Away: Prepping for Takeoff; Beginning a Descent

Psycholitics: The Viper and the Python

Psycholitics: The Viper and the Python

The Human Experience: The Worst Thing

You People.


Important question…

I don't even know what to say anymore

Psycholitics: The Titan-ic Trump

The Human Experience: The Other Side of the Tunnel

Welcome and other miscellany

An Inthreadible Unraveling - The Unmaking of Twitter

An Inthreadible Unraveling - The Unmaking of Twitter

The Hotel: Stops, Stayovers, and Destinations

The Hotel: The Woodies

The Hotel: An Unexpected Arrival

The Hotel: A Wobbly Jenga Tower

The Hotel: A 'd'être' with no 'raison'

The Hotel

Welcome to the Owner’s Manual

Morning Walk: A Year on the Sidelines

Welcome to Morning Walks

Hoarse Whisperings 2.0

Solving the Cave Riddle

Less Flappy, More Happy

I am presently failing

Happy Father’s Day (early)

Living Off Barns and Beans

The Tournament

Slowing Down to Speed Up

The Impossible Terribleness of the Panera Chipotle Chicken & Bacon Flatbread

Hello, hello…

Intermission – Welsh Tongue Rot

Some things are scalpels

Right to the Edge of Madness

One for the barrel; one for the pocket

Oysters, pearls, and a cursed spelunk

The Problem with Introspection

My Inexhaustible Exhaustion

Follow-ups, updates, and a look ahead

The Meadowlands Hilton...

The Drift of Things

Shine on, little diamond

Mirror, mirror, on the wall

Sitting at the Chef's Table

The “Why?” and the “How?” that led to an “Oh….’

Now serving: Mike on a Platter

Publishing Note: Beta readers wanted...

The Rock Wall House

Part III: A handful of glitter

Part II: Grief among the elephants

Part I: The dropping of a glass

Part II: The Last Straw

The Last Straw

A follow-up on the world's easiest pastime

Sorry for the radio silence...

The Most Selfish Species

Odds, Ends, Follow-ups, and Look-aheads

Part II: In Search of the Glossy Ibis

Part I: In Search of the Glossy Ibis

After the tornado

Greetings from away

A Narcissist Faces Indictment

The week that wasn't

SWSR: Maybe God is a coincidence

SWSR: Notes from Midair

Odds and Ends

Learning to Love the Screwdriver

Hammers, Nails, and Phillips Head Screws

Little Boys with Broken Bones

Kids These Days

The View from the Van

All the small things

Seeing the Full Picture

Seeing the Full Picture

Seeing the Full Picture

The Snow Geese

The Diner Canary

Ten times around the planet

Living in a Kondo-minimum

Odds and Ends

Fighting gravity

Burning bright, burning out

The tryout

So, that happened

On tour: the lyrics

Twitter suppressing writers like me

On tour: the pitch

On Tour: The rhythm

The Tour: Hitting the road

Setting fire to the pristine wilderness


The family next door

The family next door

The toothache: postscript

The toothache

The Thing I Got Very Wrong